What if God’s true story of you is more beautiful than you thought?

Grace Changes Everything invites you to discover the grace-empowered truth of how God actually sees you!

About the Book

Grace changes everything - girl readingAs Christian women, we’ve all heard the voices: “Just do more.” “Meet everyone’s needs.” “You should achieve Pinterest perfection.” We say we believe in grace, but when the dishes pile up, the inbox dings incessantly, and the family clamors to be fed (again!), it’s easier to believe the nagging voice that reminds us, “You’re just not enough.”

But what if God’s true story of you is more beautiful than you thought? What if—even on your worst day—who you are trumps what you do? What if God says you are already dazzlingly more than enough?

In Grace Changes Everything: How to Be Enough in a Do-More World, Janna Wright invites you to discover the grace-empowered truth of how God actually sees you. You will:

♥  discover how very much God loves you—and likes you,
♥  silence the voices of guilt and shame,
♥  nurture a chat-like-best-friends connection with Jesus,
♥  glow from the inside out with true confidence, &
♥  step into your adventure: a life of passion and purpose.

What People Are Saying . . .

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Michelle A. Rahn Ms. Senior America 2004

"Lord . . . who am I?  You tell me I am unique . . . but . . .REALLY?" Who of us has not uttered these notions at some point in our lives?  Grace Changes Everything admits the 'thoughts that we wish we didn’t have' and propels us to go beyond the labels.  We live in a world that expects us to be experts in everything, and I truly cherish that Ms. Wright brings us fully to His Amazing Grace.

Lisa Vander Ley Women's Ministry Team Member, Rocky Mountain Community Church

Janna nails it! With authenticity and humor, she explains how she found freedom from the bondage of feeling ‘not enough’ in a ‘do more’ world by finding her true identity in Christ. Journey with her and discover for yourself what the ineffable love of God is truly all about and how it sets us free to love and serve in his power and not our own.

Lori Sill Sr Associate Pastor, Denver United Church

Having grown up in the church I’ve heard and used the word grace all my life. The honest, thoughtful and often humorous way that Janna shares her personal story brought fresh perspective and renewed understanding of what God’s grace truly means for me as his beloved daughter. It is truth that I can rest in; truth that refreshed my soul. Grace Changes Everything encouraged me to let go of expectations to ‘do’ for God and inspired me to just ‘be’ what he lovingly created me to be.

DeLonda Adams leader of W.R.I.G.G., author of Forgetting My Past, To Embrace the Future

Grace Changes Everything is a book truly inspired by the spirit of God. With every page turn Janna paints an extravagant picture of God’s grace with story-telling, humor and wisdom. The closer I got to the end of the book the more freedom I felt about living in God’s all-consuming grace. Make no mistake this is a little book packed with power that will clean your lenses in order that you will live this Christian life in a whole new way. . . . This book is not only life-changing but it is life-giving. I love it!

About the Author

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Janna Wright told her first story—something about kittens and lost mittens—at age two. Now as an author, speaker, and grace mentor, she continues to be fascinated with story (though she's hopeless at joke telling since she usually giggles at punch lines before she's done telling them)!

A Performance-Driven Life survivor, Janna enjoyed a couple decades of ministry work before launching Grace Thread, her “biz-nistry.” She is also a regular contributor to Crosswalk.com.

While Janna adores deep talks, chocolate-peanut-butter anything, and the Colorado mountain air outside of her back door, she is most passionate about helping women of faith live, love, and lead from the power of grace.

To join a growing, deepening community of powerful grace-dwellers, visit GraceThread.com!


Official Release: September 21, 2016

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